This is the madarsa,here is education of Hifz and Qirat and Computer and Silai Centre.Here is all the facilities for the students those want get education of Ilme Deen and interested in it,Our aim is to spread education of Quran,Hadith,and Ilme Deen in all around the world and we want gave theme modern education as Computer education and english knwoledge especially so they will be able to spread islamic education in foreign countries,here is no monthly charge for student but admission fee,is 1100.Rs,Its Stablished by Hujjatul Islam Maulana Waqar Ali Barkati,Belong to Bazpur,Sahaswan Distic Budaun Sharif U.P.Born in 1977,He get his frst education from Astana Ghausia Chaman Pura Sharif in 1990,After that compeleted Fazilat course From Jamia Naimia Muradabad U.P.and Hifzo Quirat education from Jamia Razwia Barkatul Uloom Sahswan Distic Buadun Sharif U.P. Hazrat Maulana Hujjatul Islam is a far-sighted thinker, a conscious leader with a sensitive heart. He always feel the needs of the community.This Darululoom has created a new chapter in the history of the Ahl-e-Sunnah and produced a team of the Ulama and Huffaz who are well-equipped with the necessary talents to cope with the challenges of this modern age. They will also be supposed to play a prominent role in the promotion and propagation of Islam and Sunniyat.